Choose A Plan That's Right For You

Choose A Plan That's Right For You

Fully customized for your hair & hair goals

3 Step Hair Care Kit

(Oil, Shampoo & Serum)

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Know Your Hair

What Customers are Saying

Moving to Canada really damaged my hair. I had never seen this much hair loss and no products were working for me. But then a friend of mine told me that Vedix has a quiz that will help me choose the right products, so I tried it. It's been a couple of months now, I use it as recommended and I hardly have any hair fall. Vedix is worth every penny!

Sometimes it gets so cold in the winter that it makes my hair super dry and dull. When the weather changes I notice a lot of hair loss as well. But Vedix really saved my hair. Especially the hot oil massages. They were so relaxing and nourishing at the same time! My hair feels so much thicker, healthier and I hardly have to worry about hair loss now!

Wow. Vedix hair care products were a real game changer for my hair. The stress of being a new mom caught on to me in the form of extreme hair fall. I was too busy to do any fancy hair care routine or home remedies. Vedix was so easy to use and so so effective. Now I can focus on my kid and not worry about hair fall!

Chaya Chedda 33, Halifax
Maya K. 25, Calgary
Denese Kemp 43, Toronto