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Vedix Is World’s Most Awarded Customized Ayurvedic Hair Care Brand

cosmo Cosmopolitan Award: Best Breakthrough Product
vedix Entrepreneur Award: Best Ayurvedic Startup Of The Year
vedix Economic Times Award : Best Customised Ayurvedic Brand

No Products Suited My Hair, How Was Vedix Going To Be Different?

Elizebeth, 31

Accountant, Kitchener Toronto


“I must’ve changed my shampoo thrice already. Switching to Vedix didn’t make much sense but it was different so I wanted to try”

Who knew Ayurveda would actually work

“Few weeks into using Vedix I thought maybe this product does work for me because nothing bad had happened so far.”

But the next few weeks were the real test

“Most products worked in the start, until they didn't. But that wasn’t the case with Vedix. I have been using it for 6 months now and it’s been so good on my hair!”

I Was Not Ready To Spend So Much Just To Have My Hair More Damaged

Karishma, 27

Technical Consultant, Montreal


“There were products with the same benefits for much cheaper so I was a bit skeptical about buying vedix.”

It's not until I saw the reviews that I discovered the truth

“Vedix products were really very highly rated in the market. The response on Instagram and Youtube was so good, I took a change with it.”

My hair has never ever been this long, silky and shiny.

“What Vedix did to my hair cannot be described in words. My hair feels so much stronger and longer, it's a total delight and worth every penny!”

My Comb Is The Proof That Products Don’t Work. Maybe Vedix Is No Different?!

Priyanka, 37

Publisher, Quebec


“Hair loss was taking over my days. Everywhere I see there was hair, so in this delicate situation I wasn’t sure about using another shampoo”

My hair needed Vedix

“After using the products I realized Vedix was exactly what my hair needed. My hair feels so healthy and alive. I get compliments from my friends all the time”

“Except for the occasional one or two strands here and there, I hardly see any hair fall with Vedix. The products are totally worth it.”

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